Monday, March 7, 2011

...happy 27 studly...

happy birthday husband of mine.

my spouse is staring 30 in the face. 

i guess i will be too.

meh.  i've been praying for us to get to our thirties for a looooong time. 

to honor tradition, i hope you enjoy these 27 reasons why i am still, and forever will be, madly in love with my husband.  truly each year gets better and better (for me at least, i've never asked him the same question...) and i am one lucky lady.  really.

1.  you STILL haven't left me.
2.  you aren't embarrassed that i write about sperm on the blog.
3.  the love you have for our little man.  it brings me to tears daily.
4.  you let me steal the cash out of your wallet. 
5.  on saturday and sunday you take care of boog and let me sleep in until noon.
6.  your constant patience with my insistent whining. 
7.  every time we are out running errands, you let me stop for a coke, even if i only drink half of it.
8.  your clear blues eyes, and how they match boog's. 
9.  your willingness to help me keep the house clean, even after i yell at you about it.
10.  you let me buy boog clothes every time we are at the store.
11.  you don't complain about the 7 half drunk coke cans that are scattered throughout the house right now.
12.  the desire you have to be a better person in every faucet of your life.  
13.  the fact you are going to get your masters at the UNIVERSITY OF UTAH.
14.  your non hairy back.
15.  your killer michael jackson moves.
16.  you are just as excited as i am about our oceanside trip in july.
17.  occasionally you will rub my hands and it's amazing.
18.  you are the best dad ever.
19.  you do my calling every week because i hate it.
20.  you don't make fun of my obsession with watching looney tunes before i go to bed.
21.  on the brink of my 3rd major surgery on our marrige, you are still my rock.
22.  still the funniest guy i know.
23.  watching you play games with harley melts my heart.  he loves you so much.
24.  your ability to be calm in situations where calm isn't in the description.
25.  how your calmness rubs off on me.
26.  you let me pick out all your clothes.
27.  you are mine, forever and ever.

studly could be a ck model for sure.

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Heather said...

you shouldn't post those pictures on your blog for FREE....sell those.

Happy Happy Birthday to your studly!!

C & K Call said...

Happy Birthday Josh!!! :) Love Cam & Me. :)

Krista said...

YES. Posting those pictures is one of many reasons why you're my hero.

And, amen to #14. It is so worthy of making a top 27 list. Mmm hmm.

Um, when are we going to lunch? Please say someday soon!

Krista said...

Where are my manners??


Or, as I like to say, a la Cinderella:

"Surprise!" "Surprise!" "Surprise!" "Surprise!" "HAPPY BIRFDAY!"

Cali said...

HA ha, I can't believe I still haven't met Josh. Love those pictures though! Happy Birthday Josh!

Crystal said...

Happy Birthday Josh!! Hope you have had an awesome one.

Leslie said...

Oh my word, those pictures are awesome. You should add an honorary #28: "Josh posed for these pictures." I like him even more now than I did before. :)

Happy birthday Josh! We love you guys.

The VerNooy's said...

What a great post. Truly adorable. Happy Birthday!

Kristin said...

You should add 28. you let me post these pictures of me on our blog. What a good sport!

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