Monday, March 21, 2011

...looking for their little, the erickson family...

the erickson family

High school sweethearts + 14 years of combined school (and school loans) + surviving IVF failures and a reversed adoption + living over two thousand miles away from any of our family members = Isaac and Sara, made-for-each other- best friends who love nothing more than just being together.

Add to that...

An incredible birthmother + the most perfect adoption + a million family members who love and adore + spunk + gapped front teeth + incredible beauty = heaven on earth.

We are Isaac, Sara & Hazel, and we are so excited to share our happy home with more children!

find their profile with lds family services here.

find their adoption blog here.

find their family blog here.

grab their adoption button on their blog!

***sara was the first person i felt truly understood what i was going through with losing kate.  she didn't even know who i was, but gave me what i needed most, empathy.  she listened when my heart was exploding from sadness and never judged when i express my hatred for who hurt me.  she was sweet to offer her own experiences for me to learn from, and to find comfort in.  she is truly an angel and again, a wonderful couple who will be wonderful parents to another little one.***

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1 comment:

Ashley said...

Ummm speaking from personal experience;

Sara is awesome.

And Hazel is almost eatable.

Okay, totally a lie. She's entirely eatable.

That's all.

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