Monday, March 28, 2011

...looking for their little, the hobbs family...

the hobbs family

We are Amy & David Hobbs!  We are very anxious and thrilled to have a first child join our family. We knew when it was discovered that Amy has a rare ovarian abnormality that it would require medical intervention to conceive a child. After finding out the high cost involved without guarantee of pregnancy, we felt strongly and embraced the gift of adoption.

We enjoy to work and play hard. We both have had successful college educations and careers. David is in management with sales, and does professional tutoring on the side. He is also completing a medical billing certificate to his experience and training to embrace the demand in the medical field. Amy has worked years in customer service and sales/marketing.

We love hiking and camping. Amy especially loves to Horseback ride and we love snowmobiling.  We love to be with our extended family, and especially our five nieces and six nephews. We love learning and reading together. We play board and will games. We love baseball, and attend the minor league Sacramento Rivercats games.

If you have any questions about us, you can see our adoption profile!

find their profile with lds family services here

find their family blog here.

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