Monday, March 7, 2011

...looking for their little, the ward familiy...

the ward family

We met at Utah State University in the music department.  After knowing each other for a year we had a quick courtship and an even quicker engagement.  We were married February 1, 2002 in the Logan, Utah LDS Temple...which means we'll be celebrating our NINTH (holy cow...where did the time go?!?) Wedding Anniversary next week.

Nathan is employed by the US Navy...but it isn't as scary as it sounds.  He's a musician, which means he'll never go to war.  (Pfew!)  But what it does mean is that he is one of the lucky people who get to get paid to do what he loves.

We've been trying to add children to our family for six and a half years.  It has been a long struggle, but has taught us a lot about ourselves and each other.  This may sound crazy but we are excited for the day when we'll be up at 3am with a screaming baby.  We will gladly take on all the challenges parenting brings, and do so with a sense of humor.

find their adoption blog here.

find their profile with lds family services here.

find their profile with eternal adoptions here.

grab their button from their blog!  

***holly is an amazing woman, with an amazing husband.  through all my own trials holly has offered comfort and support, even though she's never met me.  talk about one compassionate and empathetic soul.  she always checks in on me and i know even though we are a country apart she would help me any way she could.  another wonderful family who is deserving of a sweet little.  any child would be blessed to join their family.***

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