Friday, April 8, 2011

...dentures anyone?...

i have teeth.

i have teeth from hell.

3 cavities?  sad kenna.
i brush!  i swear i brush!  AND floss!  i LOVE to floss!

then i spot the tools. 

no joke i saw smoke as they drilled.
i also laughed a lot because i was watching season three of, 'the office.'
oh, and i totally sneezed on them a few times too.


what IS that thing?  
no, not my big fat mouth, that metal weirdy thingy...

that's a lot of filled cavities, eh?

then i died.

dentures sound amazing...

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creative.chaos said...

I totally felt like that after my wisdom teeth were pulled...3 years ago...I vowed never to go back....I probably should some day though, huh?

Heather said...

last time I went I had 7 cavities and a root canal.. and they want me to come back in six months. NO THANK YOU!

Anonymous said...

Dental work is the worst although I watched avatar while on the gas last time and it was delightful. Best way to watch a movie... High as a kite.

Brenley said...

I was a dental assistant at one time and assisted on teeth extractions for dentures. I promise you do not want to go there...crazy gross and crazy painful!

On that note I really hate going to the dentist and it has been years since we don't have dental insurance and I know I need alot of work done...including getting my wisdom teeth extracted.

I have also been keeping you in my prayers for your upcoming surgery.

I don't know you but I really adore you! <3

mrs. m said...

OMG I just found out that I need a root canal and crown. I. Am. Scared.

dust and kam said...

I do not love the dentist.

feel better.

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