Tuesday, April 26, 2011

...what one year can hold...

one year ago today i met this sweet little wonder...

our sweet baby kate.

while the past year has been filled with heart ache and joy, i still hurt deeply inside at times for the loss of this wonderful little lady.  boog has brought more joy to my life than i think i'll ever be able to express, but the truth is my heart will always hold a place, and love, kate.  it's impossible for that to ever change.  

you will never know, sweet girl, how i love you.  i pray each day that you are happy and healthy.  i know that your mother is taking such amazing care of you.  i love her as well, and you both are always going to be a part of my life.  

so to you, my sweet katelyn nicole, i wish you the happiest of birthdays.  

1 is a big number, little girl.  so proud of you.

thanks, r, for letting me post this picture.

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Ashley said...

Millions of hugs for you today.

Still stand by the fact that he-who-does-not-deserve-to-be-named can rot.

Prayers for Kate, R and you today.

You're amazing woman. Call me if you want to talk. Love you.

Trent and Janel Lyman said...

So hard... Great big loves to you, Kate, and R.

Kristin said...

ditto ashley.

love you Kenna. Extra prayers and hugs your way today. I'm all out of rolls, but let me know if you need anything!

Sell...Party Of 4 said...

I'm here for you.

Praying for you always.

ShannonH said...

Wiping tears from the keyboard.

Wishing support from the heart.

Leslie said...

Can't believe it's been a year. Kate's lucky to have more than one mother's heart full of love for her.

Love you.

Talltiffany said...

So sweet and tender. What a year you have been through! You are one strong lady.

Holly said...

You are strong.
Love you lady.

Jen Nelson said...

Holy crap. I can't believe its been a year!! What a darling little girl! What a sweetie R is :) love and hugs to you both!!

Jamie said...

Brought me to tears. Love you.

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