Tuesday, May 17, 2011

...birthday balloons...

the boog stole my beautiful bouquet of balloons the dentist gave me.

oh, why yes, my dentist did give me a bouquet of balloons. he felt bad for the whole, 'root canals on my birthday.' guess what? he even gave me a tooth brush. hint, maybe? who knows.

anywhoey, boog claimed them. no, like 'would not let them go all day and if we took them away he'd freak' kind of claim.  

i adore my messy house.

also, since i'm so tired i am going to bed in about 7 seconds, a video of the boog and his balloons. 

lastly, THANK YOU for all the birthday wishes!  

like i said before, i think 26 is going to be a good year. 

OH, and lastly, lastly - studly totally dressed boog.  can you tell?  love the floods...
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Sarah said...

You should have another birthday gift coming soon. I will be emailing you tonight to let you in on the happenings of my life..

Joanna said...

1Hearing your voice and seeing videos of you has a strange way of reminding me of Children's choir tour to Georgia and the South and the video journaling - if that's what we could call it- that we did on that trip.
Happy birthday girl! I thought of you and hope you have an amazing year. Love your guts.

Alli said...

hahaha...maybe I should apologize to my mom for all the times I took her birthday presents, especially if they were edible.

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