Monday, May 23, 2011


'i can have a vial of crabs here in 30 minutes.'
name that movie...

for my birthday, i hit up joe's crab shack with my friends and family.  

i love eating crab.  this has only been a recent development, say, around 2008.  i used to think they were awful, spider look alike creatures, which i still do, but they. are. delicious.

i watch too much, 'deadliest catch.'   

oh well, like i said, mmm mmm good. 

enjoy some embarrassing pictures of us eating crab, and  me attempting to hula hoop whilst the entire restaurant sings, 'happy birthday'

mmmmm.  crabs.   

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Kristina P. said...

I've only eaten there once, but didn't love it. The waiter recommended the BBQ crab legs, which we didn't like, and when he asked if we liked them and were honest, proceeded to ridicule us and get his waiter buddies to ridicule. Hey, they are the ones who have crabs!

kenna said...

whaaaa? those jack asses!

i am deeply saddened that your experience at joe's was sub par. boo i say, boo.

also, my husband has a ninja turtle snuggie. i have a picture. i need to send it to you.

G Mac said...

What Happens in Vegas

Layla said...

They made me ride a stick pony through the restaurant on my birthday once. I hate them (but I love their food).

Nicole said...

I have actually seen THE TIME BANDIT in person, docking in Homer AK last Memorial Day. They are our favorite Deadliest Catch boat in this house...:)

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