Thursday, May 12, 2011

...the marvels of modern medicine...

i'm a little over four weeks out from my big H surgery.

i was lookin' like this...

and now i'm more back to this...

well, without the crazy, joker smile.  that's just creepy.

it's amazing how much better i feel.  not one ounce of endometriosis pain.  it's really the miracle i've been waiting for.  knowing that in a few months i won't have any pain attributed to my reproductive organs makes me want to do an irish jig.  you know, like go all lord of the dance on ya.  i still have some pain from the surgery, especially around the incision site (the scar tissue is maddening!).  

the biggest thing now is the fatigue.  i'm told it will be like this for a while, but i can work through fatigue better than i can work through endo cramps that make me want to throw myself off a house.  okay, i never really thought about that, usually i just begged studly to take me to the er for some decent drugs to take the pain away for a while.  i'll bet he is excited for that to stop. hell, i bet he is excited for a lot of complaining to stop.  when i would have 'episodes', i would be in bed, curled in the fetal position, bawling for studly to help me.  i knew he couldn't, but i was desperate.  

now, let me stop for a minute and tell you that i am married to the most amazing man.  this isn't our first go 'round with surgery.  there was brain surgery (yeah, go back to my 2008 archives, good times).  then there was my endo laparoscopy which wasn't as huge as brain surgery (ha, obviously) but it still knocked me out for a few weeks and it still costs mucho buckos.  hopefully this is the finally surgery in my search for health.  studly has been there every time as they roll me back into the or, and when i wake up in recovery.  can you imagine going through this with your spouse?  i am kinda glad i'm the one getting cut open instead of the one in the waiting room.  he's a champ.

three cheers for studly!

my home boys on mother's day

i'd be in a world of trouble, and by that i mean dead, if it wasn't for talented medical professionals.  i have been blessed with a great team of doctors, nurses, etc. who have kept me going and done what is necessary to make my life more livable.  (brain tumors and endometriosis is no way to live)  it really does amaze me what modern medicine can do.  every day there are new advances, new techniques, new medications, etc. to help the population.  i'm proud that studly is working for a company that does just that.  

basically, i'm just glad to be at this point in my life.  i'm healing great.  i'm ready for a pain free life with my studly and my boog...and the puppy i guess. 

thanks to all of you for the support, the love, the good vibes, the prayers...i can feel it.

it's a great day, ya know?  

it's a great day.

p to the s.  loving all your blogs!  thanks for following me so i can stalk you...hope that isn't creepy...

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The Lynd Family said...

Dude! You have the cutest stinkin' smile!!! Also, I'm so glad you're feelin' mucho better. Kinda funny (well not funny but that's what people say when there's a coincidence) My hubby had HIS brain surgery to remove a tumor in 2008 as well. March 2008 to be exact. He's 110% better now (after a 10 month recovery). It's nice to know there are other young couples like us who made it through in good fashion as well. BRAIN TUMORS SUCK!!!

AubreyMo said...

I still can't believe you had a brain tumor. You are so strong Kenna. Seriously. You have so much fight in you! And three cheers for your awesome husband for being so helpful when you needed someone. I'm glad to hear you're feeling better after breaking up with your uterus. ;) LOVE YOU!!

Layla said...

So glad you're healing and feeling better and HOORAY for no more endo pain!!!! :D Studly really is a champ! We done good, girl. We done good.

Kristin said...

YAY! You sound like you are doing so much better! Who is this Kenna?? I love it. And major kudos to josh for being able to keep it together during his years as the waiting room spouse. I remember my dad going into major surgery ONCE and it totally and completely derailed my mom for a while. scary stuff. Glad you're on the up & up!

Leslie said...


Ash Rae said...

You are so tough, I am loving your blog and the way you express yourself. Keep healing!!!

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