Tuesday, June 28, 2011

...what i'm not...

'mormon mommy bloggers'

what does that even mean?

i admit this blog has taken me places i never expected.  i have loyal readers, whom have turned into amazing friends.  i've connected with those of my faith, and some who share different beliefs.  my heart has been soothed by strangers, and strengthened by heaven sent emails.  i have friends who are fertile, i have some who aren't.  some have children, some don't.  adoption, infertility, medical issues, i know people with lives that include these topics.  

my blog has brought me to people that have changed my life for the better.  

i'm not popular.  i don't get 1,000 hits per day. 

i am not fashionable.  i don't know how to dress.  i don't know how to tell you to dress. i'm not adorable and skinny and able to chronicle my life in such an organized fashion.  no rockstar diaries here.

i'm not deep and philosophical.  i don't know how to word things in just a way to reach thousands.  i'm happy to reach one.  i'm no cjane.  no nie nie here. 

i'm not crafty.  i don't know how to do diy projects.  my house isn't adorned with the latest antique from the local consignment store, nor anything from pottery barn.  oh, and i sure as hell have no clue how to make a decent cup cake.  nobiggie does, if you need the know how.

i am not the biggest adoption advocate out there.  i am not writing books about infertility and healing hearts with the written word.  i'm not therhouse, i'm not ldsinfertility.  

i'm not a detail oriented gal.  i can't take my camera and capture life in all it's splendor.  i like to pretend i can, but let's be honest here...  i am not good at finding the simple beauties, although i'm trying.  these ladies sure can though.  jenny wheeler & kim orlandini.

i don't have 2.5 kids.  no mini van. 

hell, i don't even have a uterus.


i am 26.  i wear a size 18 and i have boobs that are just too big.  they bug me.

i have crazy hair, and most of the time you can't tell if it's done or not.

i have a son that i fought tooth and nail for, and i would fight again for him.

my husband is a saint, and i really need to put his face on the blog more.

i dress in what's comfortable, usually over sized t shirts in the xxl variety.

i can tell you what i know of infertility, adoption, painful medical conditions, and surgeries where they drill up your nose into your brain.  

i am so normal it's kind of insane.

i do my best to give you real.  real experiences from a normal, random lady trying to keep her life together in the midst of hardship.  i share with you my failures and triumphs, because life is an ebb and flow.  they exist together for a reason.  i hope that in some small way i'm proof that even when life hands you all the dark and evil it can possibly muster,  life goes on, and there is light.  i'm not always positive.  i'm not always a good writer, or a coherent writer at that, but  i'm here because i want to be.  because i truly feel i have something i can offer.

hi.  my name is kenna, and i blog.

***post script : i love every single one of the blogs i linked.  they all have so many neat and inspirational things to offer anyone who reads them.  i wanted to make sure that it was know, as i don't want anyone to assume that i am a hater...***
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AJ said...

Have I told you I love you lately?! You always make me smile with your witty comments and honesty! :-D

dust and kam said...

and this is why i love you.

Katie said...

And I completely love it! It always brings a smile to my face.

Mandy said...

...and as a result, it was YOUR blog that helped me through a really rough time. i love you and am so thankful for every entry. :)

hope2adoptbaby said...

Awesome. LOVE this. :) Shelby

Layla said...

You are my favorite. <3

Foster Mama said...

and its because you are none of those things and everything that you are that I read your blog. and love it. :)

Lynne said...

I, too, have been cursed with the way-too-big boobs. They are the worst. The worst.

Your blog is not the worst, though. It's pretty freakin' rad.

Full Price? NEVER! said...

That's what keeps me coming back! Seems there's always a common thread that we all share...

Aubrey said...


Que and Brittany's Adoption Journal said...

And.... that's why we're friends. :)

PS: Do you run marathons? Cuz I don't do that either. :p

Lacey. Kellen. Beck. said...

...but you are completely genuine, and that's what I love about you! I always feel refreshed when reading your blog. Love it.

We live in a weird culture where we all tend to think that we have to pretend that everything is perfect all the time. The truth is, we all struggle, we all face trials, and sometimes life feels like it just plain sucks. By being so open about your life, you allow others to feel comfortable being open with you. And when people can be more open, there's more opportunity for love and support. It's those kind of connections that I personally prefer. So thank-you!

It was so good getting together the other day, let's do it again soon. You tell me when.

kate said...

Probably my favorite blog post ever. Seriously. Love you tons!

Kim said...

I love this! You're amazing. :)

mrs. r said...

Fave part? "hell, i don't even have a uterus."


Love ya!

Brianne said...

I love your blog and I'm so glad that you write in it just the way you do. Thanks for keeping it real. :)

Whitney said...

I love you for that! Seriously, I want to be like you when I grow up :) Your words have made a huge impact in my life, and I'm so grateful!

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