Friday, August 26, 2011

...easy canvas prints...

my place of residence isn't necessarily what some would call, 'roomy.'  now, because of this, and when boog arrived, it's been particularly hard to create even a small space for myself.  a while ago i purchased an amazing new desktop so i could work on editing photos, blogging, etc. but it stayed in boog's room.  consequently, i never used said wonderful new computer. 

finally, after months of thought, i created a space for myself.  it's nestled in a spot where i can watch the boog and work at the same time.  then came the hard part...making my space, MY space.  where to begin, where to begin...

that's when i found out about easy canvas prints.

i've always wanted a few canvas prints for my home.  i always figured i would use somewhere close to home, as i know some stores do canvas prints.  however, they always seemed a bit too pricey, so i passed.  

with easy canvas prints, it's all online, and they ship it directly to your door!  if any of you know me, you know i dig 'straight to my door' service.  the website is insanely user friendly, and offers an array of different canvas sizes and wrap options.  you can even choose to add image and color effects! since my space is a smaller space, i went with an 8x10 canvas, with a picture from the best day of my life thus far.  

i tear up every time i see this picture.

the canvas is absolutely wonderful.  the colors are vivid and the image is sharp.  the turn around time was quicker than i ever would have expected!  it's been the perfect addition to my little space, and i'm already looking through our family photo's, trying to pick the perfect image for the 16x20 canvas i'm going to order for my family room.

want to see how the rest of my space turned out?  

the print looks amazing, doesn't it?  

so, if you've been wanting to get a canvas, i highly recommend you check easy print canvas out.  worth your time and if you order you will be beyond impressed with their product.

***i was compensated for this post.  however, my opinions are my own, and are no way swayed by said compensation.***

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Sell...Party Of 4 said...

Looks perfect. I need a canvas for my bathroom. I want a picture of the kiddies playing in the tub.

Kandice said...

I have really been wanting to do some canvas prints and have heard of a few great places but I'm going to have to check these guys out! Love your space!

Heather said... this is another great place

The VerNooy's said...

looks amazing.... by the way. Costco does the same thing.....

Love the pics.

Anonymous said...
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