Thursday, September 8, 2011

...not easily forgotten...

i will always love all my kids.

addalyn leise (stillborn) : january 5, 2007

babies 2-4 (pregnancy losses) : 2007

katelyn nicole (failed adoption) : april 26, 2010

baby boy (failed adoption) : september 13, 2010

that's just how it will always be.

so blessed to have mr. boog.  he has healed my heart from such loss.

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Ashtastic said...

I love you.

Lechelle said...

I'm sorry for all your losses and the pain you have gone through with each of them.
I'm happy you have your Boog.

Julie said...

Our hearts never forget. As a foster/adopt parent I still talk about my little babes that have left our home as if I'll see them again... knowing full well I won't. I refer to clothes that I have saved (that they grew out of) as their's. Even after it has been worn by another child. I cannot imagine the losses that you have had but I can speak of the healing that comes from a forever child.

Love Love Love you and your blog.

ShannonH said...

Drip. Hug. Drop. Hug. Sniffle. Hug. Roaring not required. Loves.

Nicole said...

You guys have seven kids. Hope the celestial kingdom comes with mini vans. You have a lot of little people waiti g for you;)

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