Tuesday, November 22, 2011

...looking for their little, the fail family...

the fail family

Joe is a lively, number crunching Accountant and Amy is a fun-loving ER nurse. We are looking forward to adding a child into our family through adoption and are excited at what a fun adventure it would bring! 

We have so much love to give and are excited for the opportunity to bring a special child into our home.  Though it has been a bumpy road of infertility, we feel at peace with what the future has in store for our family. We both feel very strongly that adoption is the path for us to become parents.  We feel that our relationship just gets better and better with time.   We are grateful for the last 7 years and for the time that we have had to build a strong foundation that has prepared us for this opportunity. We want to give you confidence in us and to have the knowledge that we would do everything in our power to provide a safe and loving home.
find their profile with lds family services here.
find their adoption blog here.

contact them at : ames8404@yahoo.com
**amy has been a close friend of mine for any years.  we were room mates in college, and she was and always has been supportive and loving.  i remember when amy and joe first met, and how great they are together.  they will be great parents to a very lucky little.**


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Jewls said...

They were in our married student ward when we were first married!! Amen to all of this, they are great, great people!

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