Wednesday, November 30, 2011

...project 365 : take two...

i am finally getting my butt in gear and starting anew with my second 365 project. i had started back in september, but naturally i neglected it so i am starting today. if you feel the need to take a gander at some sub par photography, go ahead and click here. you can also see my first project 356 here.

if YOU are doing a 365 project, leave me the link in a comment. i love 'em. such a neat way to see into someone's life.

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Lacey. Kellen. Beck. said...

I want to do one. More like I need to do one. Such an awesome way to remember the little day-to-day things. I'm going to take on the challenge.

Julia said...

I love this!! I've tried to do one and have failed. Mostly because I'm just way too busy. Hopefully when I have a beautiful little subject like yours, I'll do one. Until then, I'll admire yours.

you're lovely.

Amanda and Shaye Scott said...

Omgosh! I love all these pics. You're so talented and little Boogs is ADORABLE!

Ashley said...



I'll effing do it.

Rachel said...

I've started mine! Here it is and I so love looking at your photos!

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