Wednesday, December 21, 2011

...i've been smit...

or smited.



i have this nerve disorder.  (trigeminal neuralgia, see post here)  it blows.  no, really, it hurts so bad i want to pull out all my teeth with a pair of pliers and rip all the nerves out of my face.  with no anesthetic.  hard core?  

no, i'm just that desperate.

of course i make a frantic call to the clinic, in which they squeeze me in with a crazy old doctor.  (my doc takes wednesday's off apparently)  he is a doctor though, so i gave him the benefit of the doubt.  after going over my last course of treatment, he told me, 'i have a recipe that has worked for a lot of patients...'

er, recipe?  like home made drug recipe?


see his crazy scribbles?

anyway, basically i make my own crazy pain patch. the ointment and crushed pills together seep through and help dull the pain.

it's totally working...not...

i know, i look awful.  i didn't sleep more than 37 minutes last night.  see my awesome cling wrap pain patch?  

oh yeah.  holla.

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Shannon said...

looks like that old doc is crazy like a fox. here's to a pain free night for you.

-Special Mothertivity- said...

amazing. looks like the old doc knows cool tricks. maybe you should tell your regular doc about the miracle that is making your own topical drug paste.

Revel my friend.

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