Monday, January 16, 2012

...looking for their little, dave and lizzie...

the dave, lizzie, mason & jimmy family.

She likes:
taking pictures of awesome people
wearing funky socks
eating creamy, sweet, chocolaty treats
and dancing with her littles

He likes:
taking pictures of objects and nature
creating amazing videos
eating gummy, sugary, sour candy
and playing ball with his boys

Together we are Lizzie and Dave and we love life.  We have two awesome littles who keep us on our toes and help us remember what life is all about.  They are our everything.

We long to add another sweet babe to our family through adoption. Come learn more about us at our blog or on our profile page!

find their profile with lds family services here.

find their family/adoption blog here.

find their adoption facebook page here.

contact them at :

***lizzie is such an amazing woman, and such an inspiration and support to me.  even though we've never met, she has offered her love and compassion which has made such a grand scale difference in my life.  i adore her enthuziasm for life, motherhood and adoption.***

post script : for those of you who have given me your info for an adoption spotlight, it's coming!  i am finally back on track.  anyone wanting to be spotlighted, or have a button placed on my blog, shoot me an email.  kenna at myiwrite dot com

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