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...looking for their little, the larsen family...

the daniel & shandi larsen family.

(this picture is too perfect!)

We are Daniel and Shandi, and we've been married for  7 years, (Nov 2004) and love every second of it.
From Shandi:

Daniel is my right hand man. He is an amazing husband and I'm very lucky to have him in my life! He recently graduated with his Bachelor's degree in Business  Management and I couldn't be more proud! Daniel loves music, he plays the drums and the piano. He also has a huge passion for basketball and loves to play and watch a game whenever possible. Dan is very intelligent and has a great sense of humor! He always knows what to say to make me laugh.  He loves to learn; whether it's reading a book, a new sport, a song on the drums, or the piano. He excels at everything he puts his mind to and I absolutely love his drive and passion for life. He makes everyday so much fun and I feel so lucky to be his wife! 

From Daniel:

Shandi is the love of my life and the most caring and compassionate person I have ever met. She was in cheer, dance, gymnastics, and track, as well as being very active in church, and horse 4H. In college when asked what she wanted for a career, her first response was always, “be a mom”. Shandi wants so badly to be a mother. She is always looking for opportunities to babysit for neighbors and family. In our church we serve in the nursery, and I love watching her care for the kids, and I look forward to the day when her greatest dream of being a mother comes true.

We love sports. We play basketball whenever we get the chance. At family get togethers we love playing football on the front lawn. We recently started playing tennis and are starting to get the hang of it. We love hanging out with friends and going to Trafalga where we climb the rock wall, play laser tag and mini golf. We also love boating,  swimming and going to Seven Peaks. 

~Daniel & Shandi

find their family/adoption blog here.

contact them at :

***the first picture says it all!  the larsen's are a fun, loving, happy going couple. 
just from the few emails i've shared with shandi i am filled with love and respect for her and
how passionate she is about becoming a mother.  any little would be lucky to have them as parents.***

 (if any of you fine readers are looking to adopt and want to be spotlighted, shoot me an email at :

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