Monday, February 20, 2012

...looking for their little, the ford family...

the steve and keira family.

From the first date that Steve and I went on I knew he was a keeper. He opened the door for me, took my jacket and was a complete gentlemen. He's always treated me with love and respect and is genuinely looking out for me. There are times where I seriously have to pinch myself because I always am thinking how did I get so lucky? Steve is my best friend. my better half and my eternal companion. We work hand in hand at everything and I'm grateful it's been that way from the beginning.

Steve and I found out last year that we have infertility. It was a big gulp to swallow. We had always thought that when we were ready to have children we would have children! We tried multiple procedures to help us get our lil' one but none of the tests worked. After prayers and discussing all of our options.We both decided that Adoption was the next right step for us.

The process can be overwhelming at times, but we know that its all so worth it when we as a family can be sealed together in the temple for the eternities. Infertility has helped me to gain a better understanding of God's plan and also of my own worth. Adoption is such an amazing and humbling experience. We both know that we won't be getting just any baby, but we will be finding our baby through this process.

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***keira is such a wonderful person.  it is quite amazing who i am able to meet via blogging and the infertility/adoption world.  she and her husband are going to make such loving and wonderful parents to a sweet little, and i hope with all my heart it happens for them soon.***

 (if any of you fine readers are looking to adopt and want to be spotlighted, shoot me an email at :
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