Friday, April 20, 2012

...i'm stuck with my tongue tied...


it makes sense but then again, it doesn't.  

just like that sentence didn't make sense.

kinda like how this whole post is probably going to not make any sense but of course you'll keep on reading because that is what i have trained you to do.

how do you like them apples?


i'm at a blogging stalemate.  some days i wanna, some days i don't, some days i have the best ideas about a post dedicated to how i would be an awesome football commentator.   no, really.  i would.  with the red marker and everything.  however, i just can't seem to make it past the first few witty sentences that most of my blogs start out with.  

something i've noticed is that i oft times feel like my posts have to come full circle in the end.  almost like i'm giving you a present.  (i know, right?  that is how highly i think of myself.  my posts are presents to the world.)  now, i would never give someone a gift that wasn't fully wrapped (in beiber paper), taped up all nice, with a bow on it, right?  that's how i feel about writing.  if it doesn't come to a nice, clean, crisp end with a summarizing paragraph and moral, there isn't a point.

resistance is futile.

so here is the thing, most of what i think and pretty much 100% of what i'm experiencing/have experienced/will experience, isn't going to end with a bow, a moral, and a hug.  usually it ends with me staring at a wall trying to get my brain to wrap around my reality.  or, you know, me hucking three dozen cookies against the wall.  

what i'm trying to say is this:

my writing has been stifled by this long enough.

every story doesn't have to have a bow, a witty starter sentence, a moral, a hug, or even a french kiss.  (although those are totally the best posts)  i think it's time to write more about being in the process of learning from my experiences than waiting until (i think) i've learned and then telling you all about it.  it's time to write from a place where i want your input on how you survive, how you over come and endure, because i need to know that others are out there surviving!  

that life doesn't need a big, giant, car sized bow!  

i'm going to write from a place where there are less bows.  not in a negative way, but in the way i poorly attempted to describe above.  i have so much to learn from all of you, and the journey that i am embarking on, well, i can't do it alone.

who likes someone with all the answers, anyway?  (you know, because i totally have all the answers)


here's to living my life in the moment. 

every little cliche part of it. 

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shannon slayton said...

Word Kenna. Bring it on!! I love it.
I always have a struggle coming up with something funny/ poignant to say on my blog. But then I just decided that who cares!!! My blog really is an online journal for me and I don't care to be the most popular blog out there anyways so why not be myself!!
Ya know it's funny how we see each other because I always think your posts are awesome and witty and well written. even this one;) I also love how have been putting your thoughts and words into photos lately.
maybe when you don't know what to say you should try to outlet it through your camera!! then post just that picture and be done;)

either way love your writing, your photography, and Urrr face gurl

Alecia said...

i like you. and fully support your writing without bows and french kisses!

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