Tuesday, April 24, 2012

...let it build you, not break you...

so begins another national infertility awareness week.  

RESOLVE's blog challenge, 'don't ignore...' got me thinking.  here i write about my experiences with infertility, sterility, adoption, and all that these situations entail.  i'm glad to help however i can with my experiences, but i know there is such a broad audience, and my words don't reach every one.  i wish they could, but they don't.

some of RESOLVE's ideas are : 

            *don't ignore the signs of infertility
            *don't ignore each other
            *don't ignore people with infertility
            *don't ignore the pain

such great ideas!  if you feel so inclined to pick one of those ideas and write about it, link yourself back up here.  we'd all love to read!

this year i feel that we can't ignore others pain when it comes to infertility.  that doesn't just include those of us who suffer directly from it.  i'm talking about friends and family.  those who love us but can't seem to help us.  i am also hitting on not ignoring other people's experiences with infertility just because they aren't your own.  

i have a great week of guest posts coming up for you.  some of my closest friends who have dealt with infertility and adoption.  my mom will be writing about what it's been like for her to have a daughter suffering with infertility.  a friend who is has no infertility issues, but talks about what it's like for her supporting those she loves who struggle. a dear pal who will talk about her experiences with ivf.

trust me, lots of good reading.

lastly, while talking with my sweet friend tiff today, i realized something.  she has NOT let infertility break her.  she has let it build her up.  she has let it teach her how to love deeper, to be more empathetic, and to move forward even when it is probably so very painful.  

i hope these posts can help those of us with infertility build on our experiences.  that you will feel a sense of hope.

i also hope to give everyone insight from some individuals who are affected by infertility's ever expanding grasp, even when it's not them who have been dealt the infertility hand.

let infertility build you.

not break you.

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