Saturday, June 2, 2012

...looking for their little : the prowse family...

the blandon, brinn, & harper family

we are a dad.
we are a mom.
we are a silly big brother in training.
and we are a stinky bulldog.
we are the prowse house
and we are awesome.

we are:
family walks and bike rides. 
family dinners.
beach trips.
treasure hunters.

we are:
family nights
blanket fort experts.
piggy back givers.
church attenders.

we are lots of things.
but most of all
we are a family.

get to know us by checking out our adoption profile and blog!
find our adoption profile here.
find our adoption blog (and blog button) here.
contact us at :

best family picture ever.

 (if any of you fine readers are looking to adopt and want to be spotlighted, 
or know someone who would be interested, shoot me an email at :

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