Monday, July 2, 2012 we go again...

i know it's been a while.

things have been insane over here lately.  photo sessions.  preparing for ohio.  the boog.  family.  friends.  my life is full of such amazing people and experiences!

however, in eight and a half hours, i'll be pumped full of propofol and sent into a dreamless sleep for yet another surgery.  

yes.  my fourth surgery in two years.  my sixth surgery in six years.  

believe it.  

i confess that i have taken the news i needed surgery hard.  i thought i was done with this mess.  then again, when the pain came back, i wanted to do whatever possible to relieve it and get back to my life.  thank goodness for amazing surgeons.  i'm in good hands.

luckily it's not as invasive as some of the surgeries i've endured, but it's going to be intense.  currently i'm dreading the moment they wake me up from the anesthesia.  worst.  thing.  ever.  

if you have a moment, send out a prayer, good vibes, thoughts, whatever you can, for my surgical team.  no matter how many times i go through this, it's still scary and i may be slightly convinced i'll die.  okay, dramatic, but completely true.

i'll be back to my awesome blogging self in no time.  

much love to all.

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Anonymous said...

we are praying for you!! hoping this is your last surgery!! love you girl!

Heather said...

Prayers absolutely coming. Hoping the best for you, including a quick recovery.

Sell...Party Of 5 said...

good luck. wishing you a speedy recovery. loves.

DisabilityDiva said...

Hugs and prayers!!!

Anonymous said...

Hugs, prayers and a stiff 7up to no more pain!!

Whitney said...

bless your heart! we will definitely be praying for you!

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