Sunday, September 16, 2012

...pound the pavement for parenthood...

listen up, my dear readers.

this is a special post. a very, very special post that i am going to ask you to read with an open heart. i know you will because that's what you have always done. whether i talk about my boog, my trials, or my triumphs, there you are to listen and collectively support me.

the greatest act of love and support i have felt from my readers was when we found out we were finally, truly going to be parents.  after we lost kate,  then the little boy we thought we were going to be placed with, the surgeries, the medications...we were unable to afford all the costs of boog's adoption.  as hard as it was to ask, we did and you responded!  in fact, i am moved to tears just thinking about it.  every dollar that was donated to boog's adoption fund was used to bring him home, and i cannot express to you how much every penny meant to us.  i wrote down every person who donated into a book i've made for boog.  it's filled with letters from friends and family, comments from the blog when we announced his arrival, and every. single. name. of those who donated to his adoption.  next to each name i wrote how i knew (or how i didn't know but loved regardless) each of you and how thankful we were for your love.  your support.  your kindness.

each of your names are there.  etched into boog's life, and on our hearts because without you he wouldn't be here in my arms.

it pains me to think of how after all we had been through that us becoming parents could be shattered because of the financial side of things.  even worse?  it kills me that other couples come in contact with the same wall.  seems so ridiculous that after all they go through that money can keep them from being parents.  it doesn't make sense.  in fact, it just feels wrong.  and sad.  heartbreaking, really.  money shouldn't keep anyone from having a family.  luckily there are amazing individuals who recognize this (because they have experienced it first hand) and have the drive to do something about it.  enter my friend jill who is the founder of the non profit group...

who they are : Pound the Pavement for Parenthood is a non-profit organization established in 2010.  we are a group of dedicated men and women committed to helping the cause of infertility.  we bring awareness to the struggle and help raise precious funds for those ready to start expensive processes including adoption and in-vitro fertilization.

what they do : as an organization, we put on events around the country in order to help people in specific areas recognize the need for supporting couples through their infertility journey.  we often sponsor couples by hosting races of varying distances where people come to support those couples by participating in the race.  by doing so, these participants help to raise money for the sponsored couple in their plan of building a family.  we also host and help with other events supporting the cause of infertility.

organizations like this are oft times key in helping couples struggling with infertility to afford expensive procedures/upfront costs of adoption/so on and so forth.  there is no way we would have been able to cover the cost of boog's adoption without the help we received.  

if you are in the area of their next race (saratoga springs, utah.  you can register here), GO!  if i were able, i'd be there running my sterile buns off to help these couples.  if you aren't in the area, you can always donate.  whether it's 5 dollars, 50 dollars, whatever you feel you can, it will go to help those couples get closer to their dream.  every. single. penny. is worth more than one can realize when it comes to getting one step closer to a baby in your arms.

the date of the upcoming race is october 13th.  even though i won't be there physically, i'll be running a 5k here in rootstown, ohio (by myself, probably on a treadmill, but hey, SUPPORT THE CAUSE.) to show my support in spirit.  

my dear friends, i urge you to support in whatever way you can.  whether it's monetarily, blogging, tweeting, facebooking, sharing, doesn't matter, please do!  it will give you warm fuzzies.  always worth some warm fuzzies, right?

check out Pound the Pavement for Parenthood's website here.

like Pound the Pavement for Parenthood on facebook here.

look Pound the Pavement for Parenthood up on twitter here.

want to volunteer?!  find out more here.

if you have any questions about Pound the Pavement for Parenthood, you can contact them here.

again, i can't express enough how organizations like this bless the lives of those struggling with infertility & sterility.

let's rally around these beautiful couples and do what we can!

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Jill said...

Brought me to tears... Thank you Kenna. Your support means a lot. I do this because of amazing deserving people, like you. And the very special children waiting for their very special parents. Give Harley a big hug! :)

Jessica Nan said...

Kenna this was so beautifully written. Thank you for sharing the love!! Ohio here we come !

Anonymous said...

this is so awesome!! what a great idea! this is a cause i will stand by 100%. :)

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